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Bamboo Cloud Yarn
Bamboo Cloud yarn is a high quality woolen thread of various colors and delicate texture containing ..
Fiber content 45% wool, 45% bamboo, 10% acrylic
Yarn Weight 3 DK-Double Knitting - Light Worsted
Bamboo Jungle Multicolor Yarn
Bamboo Jungle yarn, which contains cotton and bamboo threads, will please fans of natural fibers! Th..
Fiber content 50% cotton, 50% bamboo
Yarn Weight 3 DK-Double Knitting - Light Worsted
Bamboo Jungle Yarn
Bamboo yarn is well known to knitters for its unique properties. In summer bamboo yarn clothing give..
Fiber content 50% cotton, 50% bamboo
Yarn Weight 3 DK-Double Knitting - Light Worsted

Not so long time ago knitting lovers received the opportunity to work with a very interesting yarn – bamboo yarn. Both production method and fiber structure are very unusual. They get it from natural bamboo. As a result of bamboo handling they obtain a large number of thin aerated fibers, which enables the absorption and evaporation of bulk of moisture, three times more than the natural cotton yarn.

Due to the porous structure of the fiber with bamboo clothes you can feel cool even in the hottest summer days or warm in winter, it is very comfortable in wear, it does not stick to the body and lets it to "breathe".

One of the features of bamboo yarn is a beautiful matt shine, which gives the product elegance and originality.

One of the unique features of bamboo yarn is its anti-bacterial effect, due to which 90% of the bacteria are lost after the washing of the clothes. The antibacterial properties of bamboo fabric have a beneficial therapeutic effect on skin: reduce inflammation, give deodorant effect, prevent the odour. Bamboo yarn is anti-allergic, which makes it possible to use it for children's clothes as well as for people with asthma.

Bamboo fiber can be easily colored, several times better than cotton, which makes it possible to create a rich palette of colors, from pastel to bright ones. It does not loose a color in wash, it does not fade, which allows the clothes you love to be in use for a long term.

The yarn can be easily draped on clothes, it holds its shape, does not crumple or let the sun through and perfectly protects from the heat.

Bamboo yarn can be successfully combined with silk, cotton, wool, acryl, giving them its excellent features: the porosity of the thread, air-retention capacity, lightness and volume.

Natural bamboo yarn resembles in its quality the viscose and likewise does not suit well for knitting of volume patterns. It looks better in a smooth easy and flowing canvas.

In order to get exact calculations for product, the sample is better to be washed and dried.

Due to its unique properties, the bamboo yarn is equally suitable for summer and winter clothes. You can knit everything you want from this yarn: turtlenecks, skirts, tops, sweaters, hats, scarves, taking into account the thickness of the yarn and the yarn composition.

Bamboo fiber is very soft, tender, delicate to the touch and reminds silk more than cotton or linen; it slides on the needles going into smooth loops and making knitting process full of fun for handywomen.

Having won in a short time a large number of fans, bamboo fabric has taken a worthy place on the podium being used by many famous couturier.

Bamboo fiber clothes require special care in order to keep their attractive look. You better apply hand wash for this kind of products. Wet clothes can be stretched, so you better dry them laid out on a horizontal surface.

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