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Baby Wool Yarn
Mixed composition Baby Wool yarn consists of merino wool, cashmere and acryl. This balanced mix make..
Fiber content 40% merino, 40% acrylic, 20% cashmere
Yarn Weight 2 Fine - Sport
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Cashmere Yarn
Not a single item purchased in a store can be compared with the hand made product of Cashmere yarn. ..
Fiber content 5% cashmere, 55% new wool, 40% acrylic
Yarn Weight 2 Fine - Sport

Cashmere yarn is deservedly called the "jewel" of wool. The superior properties of cashmere yarn are worth its high cost, not only because it requires a complicated and high cost production method but also due to the perfect quality of the fiber! 

What is so unusual and interesting in this truly "royal" yarn?

Habitat area of goats, giving this wonderful fiber, in Tibet, the Gobi desert, province of Kashmir, is very small. Special goats are also bred on the farms of Australia, New Zealand and Scotland, but they have rougher undercoat (fur) and so their hair is less valued.

For production of cashmere yarn only soft undercoat (fur) is used, which is not "shaved" but combed out by hands once a year and not more than 250g per goat.

But the main value of cashmere yarn is not in the complexity of its production process but in the advantages offered by the fiber quality. Cashmere yarn is extremely light, thin (no more than13-15 microns), soft, incredibly warm, which is characterized by excellent throughput capability, porosity and thermal insulation both during the cold season and in the summer heat. This cashmere allows the skin to breathe, contributing to the natural moisture exchange. These features of cashmere fabric can create a special unique microclimate and comfort for both adults and children.

The fine hollow fiber gives to the yarn the lightness and an extraordinary elasticity without making the fiber fragile, which results in exquisitely noble look of the cashmere yarn.

Soft, delicate and fine cashmere yarn is rarely used in its pure state for the reason that it does not have high tenacity and clothes do not keep their shape. Cashmere fiber can be combined with the common wool, merino, alpaca, cotton, silk and other fibers. This makes the yarn more elastic, durable and allows the yarn to possess precious and rare quality features.

Natural colors of cashmere yarn are white, gray, brown, black. White color is the most in demand, it is softer and can be much more easier painted, but with any color cashmere yarn has its special smoky shade.

Products made of cashmere yarn do not require special intricate designs. Simple and smooth canvas itself looks attractive and elegant. Austerity and classic make together beautiful style that will emphasize the nobility of "royal" fiber while knitting clothes for adults, as well as softness and warmth will give a joy to the most capricious babies.

Cashmere yarn requires precise handling and careful maintenance. It is better to keep clothes on the separate shelf in a special package, which will not let the clothes to stretch and will protect it against dust, odors, moths and ultraviolet rays. Cashmere does not like frequent washing, so the clothes are to be put out after each wear for ventilation.

Cashmere clothes washing  is allowed at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees; better apply hand washing, with only exception if it is specified for the yarn.

Before washing better do the clothes up and turn inside out as well as add a special detergent into the water. We do not recommend prolonged soaking, not more than 30 minutes; do not rub or wring the clothes. In order to dry the clothes, wring it slightly using loop towel and spread out on a smooth surface on a loop towel or sheet. While drying turn the clothes over and change the towels.

Ironing is allowed only from the inside out with steam at a distance of 1 cm. After drying cashmere clothes are better to scour with the brush along the fiber and in the opposite direction, which will help in the case of the formation of small pellets on the canvas.

Despite the efforts in care cashmere clothes will become wonderful and warm decoration of your winter wardrobe! 

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