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Baby Wool Yarn
Mixed composition Baby Wool yarn consists of merino wool, cashmere and acryl. This balanced mix make..
Fiber content 40% merino, 40% acrylic, 20% cashmere
Yarn Weight 2 Fine - Sport
Based on 1 reviews.
Premium Merino Yarn
Fiber content 100% merino wool
Yarn Weight 4 Medium - Aran - Afghan - Worsted
Based on 4 reviews.
Pure Merino Wool Yarn
Fiber content 100% merino wool
Yarn Weight 4 Medium - Aran - Afghan - Worsted
Sensation Yarn
Sensation yarn is a high quality soft 100% merino wool. Tough yarn of a special 16-fabric twist perf..
Fiber content 100% merino wool
Yarn Weight 4 Medium - Aran - Afghan - Worsted
Super Pure Merino Yarn
It is 100 % high quality wool. A middle twisted fiber, soft and delicate with a classic color palett..
Fiber content 100% merino wool
Yarn Weight 3 DK-Double Knitting - Light Worsted
Based on 4 reviews.
Universal Yarn
Universal yarn is a worthy combination of comfort and elegance, it is always up-to-date regardless o..
Fiber content 50% silk, 40% merino, 10% mohair
Yarn Weight 1 Super Fine - Light Fingering

Merino is a special fine-fleeced high-mountain sheep. Merino sheep breed has a high quality wool, which is taken from the shoulders where it is the best, with thickness not exceeding 24 microns.

One of the characteristic qualities of Merino wool is elastic due to the natural hair curls. Wool threads are long and exceptionally white. Thermostatic and porosity properties of this wonderful wool make irreplaceable the products for various sports that require movement in the outdoors: hiking, cycling, running.

The canvas of the merino wool does not cause irritation, so it is perfect for knitting baby clothes, starting with breastfeeding age, and for people suffering from allergies.

The special structure of Merino wool fiber makes the yarn antibacterial, neutralizes body odor, it is breathable, does not block moisture exchange avoiding the "greenhouse effect", hypothermia and occurrence of cold-related diseases.

Lightness, strength, excellent heat resistance, moisture exchange and exceptional warmth allow you knitting clothes that are very comfortable and pleasant in wear. Merino wool yarn holds its shape well, does not crumple and keeps beautiful appearance and unique qualities for a long time.

Merino yarn has a impeccable quality and does not require additional fibers to improve it. But in its pure form it is quite expensive, so in order to reduce the price another fiber can be added.

Merino wool is different in quality. The basis of it is "Merino" group with hair thick 20-22,5 m. It is relatively inexpensive. "Super Slim" or SuperFine yarn is of higher quality and price, 18-20 micron and ExtraFine is 16-17 micron. There are also "Summer Yarn" or "Summer Merino" of 14-14.5 micron. This yarn is used to produce the most expensive tricot yarn in very limited quantity.

Caring for products made from merino wool should be the same as for the clothes of ordinary wool. Washing and drying must be delicate. Certain types of yarn very seldom are marked with Woolmark, which enables washing machine without losing the quality of the product. Superwash mark due to a special fiber processing enables the delicate machine washing at a low temperature. You should strictly follow the instructions on the label for each type of yarn, in this case your clothes will remain beautiful, elastic, smooth and fluffy for a long time.

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