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Hemp Yarn
Fiber content 100% hemp
Yarn Weight 3 DK-Double Knitting - Light Worsted
Makrome Yarn
Makrome is a 100% propylene yarn in the form of a braided cord. It is noted for high strength, resis..
Fiber content 100% polypropylene
Yarn Weight 4 Medium - Aran - Afghan - Worsted
$2.91 $5.82
Modern Wickerwork Yarn
Modern Wickerwork Yarn
Modern Wickerwork yarn can be hardly called a yarn. This is a smooth thread with homogeneous structu..
Fiber content 100% olefin
Yarn Weight 6 Super Bulky - Roving
Natura & Camouflage Yarn
Natura & Camouflage Yarn
Natura & Camouflage yarn is a 100% polyester, which has an unusual structure. It will certainly ..
Fiber content 100% polyester
Yarn Weight 5 Bulky - Chunky - Craft - Rug
Spaghetti Yarn
Spaghetti Yarn
Spaghetti is unique thread, which is at the top of popularity. It contains 90% of cotton and 10% of ..
Fiber content 90% cotton, 10% acrylic
Yarn Weight 6 Super Bulky - Roving
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Handmade knitted items are very popular these days. And not only clothes, but also knitted bags (necessary item of any woman's wardrobe) are currently of great interest. Bags can be both for everyday use or a stylish designer accessorize for the bright summer or evening dresses.

By mistake many people believe that knitted or crocheted bag is not practical. This does not reflect reality, especially given the fact that in addition to the classic yarn, using which you can knit beautiful, unique bag, you can find special, durable, practical and beautiful yarn for knitting bags of interesting structures and colors.

In order to knit high quality, beautiful and comfortable bag, you should first choose the yarn. You will have to use yarn which does not stretch much as well as to use tight knitting technique.

Polypropylene yarn will perfectly suit for knitting of bags. It is noted for high strength, shape stability, elasticity, resiliency, low density and low weight, resistance to moisture, mold, and light. Polypropylene yarn can be easily dyed in a wide range of bright beautiful colors; it does not fade; it is resistant to alkalis and acids, resistant to ultraviolet rays.

An excellent choice for knitting of bags is olefin yarn. It is characterized by high strength, wear-resistance, lightness, fast drying, is not subject to degradation by influence of chemical elements, mold, precipitation, resistant to dirt. Olefin yarn has a very wide range of bright colors, far more than any other kind of fibers. Bags made of this yarn perfectly hold their shape and are characterized by high durability and attractive appearance.

Polyester yarn is also a good material for knitting of bags. This yarn is very elastic, wear- and light-resistant, it is not subject to damage by moths and microorganisms, it is not exposed to mold.

One of the most interesting yarns for knitting of bags is new generation yarn Spaghetti, which contains cotton with a small addition of acryl. The strength of the cotton fiber, bulkiness, lightness and density of acrylic fiber as well as interesting structure make this yarn perfect for knitting and crocheting of unique and fashionable handbags. High dyeing ability of cotton will provide a variety of colors and shades as well as fancy colors, which will make bags of this yarn even more interesting and attractive.

Washing will only strengthen cotton fiber and, moreover, it is not afraid of alkalis impact. Furthermore color is very stable, does not fade, excellent stands repeated washings.

Knitting or crochet of bags with thick propylene yarn or with a special cord using macrame technique are currently of great interest. Such bag will be reliable, it will not stretch or lose its shape in wear and will serve very long time. Such bag will look fashionable and stylish with beads, rhinestones, ribbons and all other kinds of decoration. It will be perfect accessory for summer or evening dress.

Linen yarn will perfectly suit for knitting of summer bag. Linen fiber is noted for high strength, its structure (smooth and long) makes the yarn compact, smooth, not fluffy. This yarn is noted for high durability, bags will keep good the shape; high moisture absorbency and return allows the item to dry very quickly, it is not electrifiable. This yarn is perfect for knitting of country-style bags of natural colors. The bag decorated with interesting accessories would be a good addition for your summer dress.

You can select the yarn for knitting not only summer bags. Winter yarn bag can be perfectly combined with scarf and bolero knitted of the same yarn with matching color or another contrasting yarn of different structure, decorated with freeform elements of appropriate colors. Very stylish will look handbag, hat, scarf and gloves kits knitted of one kind of yarn using one knitting technique. Modern designers offer to combine evening dresses with clutches knitted of yarn of the same tone. Fancy yarn with fur finishing or Eyelash yarn will perfectly suit for winter handbags. You can decorate it can with any item: applied ornament, cords, beads, lace, tassels, pompoms, leather or fur elements.

The main highlight is the uniqueness of products created with your own hands, as well as implementation of ideas using your own creative imagination.

Often people think that knitting of bags needs some special skills. Not at all, it is enough to know how to knit or crochet. Before you start knitting, you need to decide upon the style and color of the bag as well as its purpose and clothes you will combine it with.

This will help you to experiment and astonish by representing an exclusive handbag; it will provide any image you choose with special delicacy and charm.

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