Autumn-Winter Yarn

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4 Seasons Yarn
It is soft and tender Fantasy yarn with the noble and wide palette of colors. The yarn is made as a ..
Fiber content 97% polyester, 3% polyamide
Yarn Weight 3 DK-Double Knitting - Light Worsted
Autumn Yarn
Autumn Yarn
Autumn is a fancy yarn, containing 88% of acryl, 18% of polyester and 4 beads. The thread is of aver..
Fiber content 88% acrylic, 8% polyester, 4% beads
Yarn Weight 4 Medium - Aran - Afghan - Worsted
Baby Alpaca Yarn
Baby Alpaca yarn is deemed to be perfect for needlewomen. Warm alpaca wool gives a remarkable qualit..
Fiber content 100% alpaca wool
Yarn Weight 1 Super Fine - Light Fingering
Based on 1 reviews.
Baby Blanket Yarn
Fiber content 80% acrylic, 20% polyester
Yarn Weight 4 Medium - Aran - Afghan - Worsted
Baby Star Yarn
Baby Star yarn is a high-quality acryl, designed for special benefit of children. Amazingly pleasant..
Fiber content 100% acrylic
Yarn Weight 3 DK-Double Knitting - Light Worsted
Baby Tweed Joyful Yarn
Baby Tweed Joyful yarn will surely help you to surprise your baby and adult family members with tren..
Fiber content 90% acrylic, 10% polyamid
Yarn Weight 2 Fine - Sport
Baby Wool Yarn
Mixed composition Baby Wool yarn consists of merino wool, cashmere and acryl. This balanced mix make..
Fiber content 40% merino, 40% acrylic, 20% cashmere
Yarn Weight 2 Fine - Sport
Based on 1 reviews.
Baby's Foam Yarn
Fiber content 100% micro polyester
Yarn Weight 5 Bulky - Chunky - Craft - Rug
Babys First Yarn
Babys First yarn is the perfect yarn for creating of children clothes and not only clothes. 100% pol..
Fiber content 100% polyester
Yarn Weight 5 Bulky - Chunky - Craft - Rug
Baltic Star Yarn
Baltic Star Yarn is a classical winter yarn suitable for knitting of clothes for adults and children..
Fiber content 80% acrylic, 10% mohair, 10% wool
Yarn Weight 1 Super Fine - Light Fingering
Bamboo Cloud Yarn
Bamboo Cloud yarn is a high quality woolen thread of various colors and delicate texture containing ..
Fiber content 45% wool, 45% bamboo, 10% acrylic
Yarn Weight 3 DK-Double Knitting - Light Worsted
Bamby Yarn
Fiber content 100% acrylic
Yarn Weight 4 Medium - Aran - Afghan - Worsted

When autumn and winter seasons arrive, such clothes as fluffy, soft and warm sweaters, pullovers, sweaters, cardigans, hats, scarves, gloves, mittens and socks are at the top of interest. Currently those items are especially popular that have been knitted with your own hands and became fashionable elements of your wardrobe.

In order to satisfy your creative ideas and to provide the proper result which will make you happy, it is necessary to choose the yarn for winter clothes very carefully.

Yarns are made of natural or synthetic fibers; they can be mixed in different proportions to achieve certain properties.

Winter yarn is a yarn which contains wool fiber. It can be pure wool yarn, half-wool yarn or blended yarn.

Wool fiber is a natural fiber resulted from sheep shearing. Wool yarn retains good the heat by regulating the difference between body and air temperature; it is noted for good water absorption. It is perfect for knitting of brocade, smooth and Jacquard patterns. You can knit with this yarn any warm clothing from socks to coats. Pure wool yarn can be prickly, for this reason it can be mixed with synthetic or artificial fibers for providing the wool with additional quality properties.

Merino wool is obtained from shoulder of fine-wool merino sheep. The yarn made of this kind of wool is soft, absorptive, elastic and very warm. With this yarn you can knit bulky sweaters and cardigans, as well as elastic, tight turtleneck or dress. This kind of yarn is universal and does not require any additional fibers in its composition.

Cashmere yarn is made of the finest fur of highland cashmere goats. This trendy yarn is noted for delicate chic and elegance, and truly belongs to the most expensive materials. It is called "the royal yarn" or "wool diamond". It is often used in combination with other fibers that obtain excellent quality properties of cashmere.

Mohair represents long and fluffy wool fibers. Items knitted with this kind of yarn are warm and airy. Mohair is perfect for knitting of light and very warm, fluffy openwork hats, scarves, shawls, stoles, sweaters and blouses. With this yarn you can use different techniques, namely knitting, crochet or fork knitting.

Angora yarn is made of angora rabbit hair. This kind of wool fiber is noted for an extraordinary softness, gentle piles, fluffiness and warmth. In order to avoid excessive wear and piling of angora wool, it can be mixed with other types of fibers.

Alpaca yarn is made of wool of alpaca, which belongs to lama bloodline. It has excellent properties: softness, lightness, uniformity, silkiness, unique noble shine. It keeps perfectly the heat, having good thermal properties. It is noted for firmness and its anti-allergic characteristics; it does not pill. No other kind of wool fiber has these qualities.

At most, natural wool is mixed with other fibers. It can be combined with cotton. In this combination soft and durable cotton will provide the wool products with smoothness and release from prickliness. Clothes knitted with this yarn will be perfect for children and people who are sensitive to wool.

Very often pure wool fiber is mixed with acrylic fiber. This yarn will combine the best qualities of wool and acryl; it will be very warm, soft, bulky and firm. Items knitted with this yarn will not pill, run up or stretch, as well as it is not afraid of moth.

Different combinations of natural and synthetic fibers will be perfect for knitting of winter clothes, furthermore the yarn will acquire softness and strength of synthetic fiber as well as natural breathability and porosity of the natural one. At the same time products made of this yarn will not lose the shape; they will look festive and elegant, as well as keep the brightness and color saturation.

Blended yarn is one of the winter type yarns, which contains synthetic and several natural fibers. Such interesting combinations will provide with much more tidy look, will help to avoid excessive fluffiness of mohair and pilling of angora. Experienced handywomen as well as the beginners will be interested in decoration or knitting of unusual stylish coat, vest, hat with a scarf, using special yarn with structured effect. Fancy yarn, which combines fibers of different structures, with the addition of non-standard accessories, will enable finishing or knitting of a chic fashionable dress.

Color of the item is also of great importance while knitting of winter clothes. It can be soft, pastel colors, or you can knit bright sets of hats, scarves and gloves, that will revive your spirits in gloomy cold days as well as make you particularly attractive and stylish.

Products made of melange yarn or sectional dyed yarn that have a wide color palette, will also have a great look. It can be fun and colorful stripes, inclusions of different colors or even unique Jacquard patterns that will allow you to get a wonderful warm item using common knitting technique with no special efforts.

After you have chosen the model for knitting of winter item and thought over the pattern, you have only to choose the right color and composition of the yarn in our store, where we offer only high quality yarn, and the clothes that you will knit will be of excellent quality.

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