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Autumn Yarn
Autumn Yarn
Autumn is a fancy yarn, containing 88% of acryl, 18% of polyester and 4 beads. The thread is of aver..
Fiber content 88% acrylic, 8% polyester, 4% beads
Yarn Weight 4 Medium - Aran - Afghan - Worsted
Baby Blanket Yarn
Fiber content 80% acrylic, 20% polyester
Yarn Weight 4 Medium - Aran - Afghan - Worsted
Baby Cotton Yarn
Ecofriendly and high-quality Baby Coton yarn is a good choice for summer, spring and autumn clothes...
Fiber content 60% cotton, 40% acrylic
Yarn Weight 1 Super Fine - Light Fingering
Baby Star Yarn
Baby Star yarn is a high-quality acryl, designed for special benefit of children. Amazingly pleasant..
Fiber content 100% acrylic
Yarn Weight 3 DK-Double Knitting - Light Worsted
Baby Tweed Joyful Yarn
Baby Tweed Joyful yarn will surely help you to surprise your baby and adult family members with tren..
Fiber content 90% acrylic, 10% polyamid
Yarn Weight 2 Fine - Sport
Baby's Foam Yarn
Fiber content 100% micro polyester
Yarn Weight 5 Bulky - Chunky - Craft - Rug
Babys First Yarn
Babys First yarn is the perfect yarn for creating of children clothes and not only clothes. 100% pol..
Fiber content 100% polyester
Yarn Weight 5 Bulky - Chunky - Craft - Rug
Bamboo Jungle Multicolor Yarn
Bamboo Jungle yarn, which contains cotton and bamboo threads, will please fans of natural fibers! Th..
Fiber content 50% cotton, 50% bamboo
Yarn Weight 3 DK-Double Knitting - Light Worsted
Bamboo Jungle Yarn
Bamboo yarn is well known to knitters for its unique properties. In summer bamboo yarn clothing give..
Fiber content 50% cotton, 50% bamboo
Yarn Weight 3 DK-Double Knitting - Light Worsted
Bamby Yarn
Fiber content 100% acrylic
Yarn Weight 4 Medium - Aran - Afghan - Worsted
Barcelona Light Yarn
Fiber content 62% acrylic, 26% polyester, 12% mohair
Yarn Weight 5 Bulky - Chunky - Craft - Rug
Bolero Ice Yarn
Unique Bolero Ice yarn will be the perfect choice for those who want to create a stylish and unique ..
Fiber content 100% acrylic
Yarn Weight 6 Super Bulky - Roving

In summer our skin is especially sensitive to heat and contact with the sunlight, so we need to choose carefully summer yarn for creating of articles that will provide comfort and save us from the summer heat. Choosing the right summer yarn, colors or patterns allows knitting of a smooth, pleasant, unique product.

While choosing the spring-summer yarn one should be motivated not only by attractiveness of the yarn, but also by its characteristics, the most important of which are hygienic as well as use and maintenance properties. It is vital the product to allow the skin to breathe, forming a layer of air; clothes should be absorptive and protect from the heat. All these conditions will create a favorable climate for the body and help to transfer the summer heat. It is highly advisable the yarn not to loose its color in the sun or fade after numerous washings; it is necessary the clothes to be resistant to wearing, pilling, and shrinkage as well as to have increased strength.

All these requirements are met by natural fibers for summer clothing: cotton, linen, silk, and viscose, which is the most similar fiber to the natural one.

The most popular for summer products is cotton yarn. At sufficiently low price cotton yarn has the best hygienic properties, and with the help of modern processing technologies, such as mercerizing (yarn with a beautiful shine) and kable (soft, mat thread), the thread acquires new qualities. It becomes firmer, stronger, can be easier dyed, keeps better the shape, thread does not fade and is less exposed to shrinkage.

Linen yarn is also perfect for knitting of summer clothes. It is almost universal: an item is not exposed to shrinkage, does not stretch, is wear-resistant, keeps the original form and shape. This is an excellent conductor of heat and air; it is also hygroscopic. In summer you will not feel any heat in clothes made of linen yarn.

Another excellent fiber for summer products is silk, which is extremely enjoyable, giving a sense of coolness in the most heat. Silk is unique fiber in its properties: exceptional water absorption, lightness, airiness, beauty, it evaporates moisture very fast; with a noble shine silk is perfect for knitting of summer products.

Bamboo is another excellent type of summer natural yarn that has all the qualities required for knitting of summer products. It absorbs good moisture, does not let the sun rays through, bamboo yarn has a unique characteristic to stop the growth of bacteria, prevents odors, does not crumple or stretch; it is very soft yarn, hypoallergic, easy in washing and wear resistant.

Good hygienic properties also has viscose yarn that is similar to cotton by both look and quality of the fiber. Viscose is missing strength and wearability, but its derivatives, namely siblon and polynosic fiber, have these characteristics.

In order to improve the properties of the spring-summer yarn, the mixed yarn can be used, where synthetic fiber is added to the natural ones. The combination of linen, cotton, silk, bamboo and viscose with synthetic fibers enables obtaining of durable, light, soft summer yarn, which has all excellent quality characteristics of the mentioned group of fibers.

There are a variety of combinations of yarns: cotton and linen, cotton and bamboo, acryl and cotton, silk, bamboo and acryl.

This yarn can be used for knitting not only summer, but also spring clothes, that you can wear cool spring and summer evenings.

Another important factor is the thickness of the thread; thin thread is perfect for knitting of thin summer items, all kinds of fashionable lace, it also looks great in openwork. Thicker cotton or mixed yarn thread is perfect for knitting of warmer items for cooler spring and summer weather.

By choosing yarn for summer you should take into account the amount and method of thread twisting. Hard twisting is better for crocheting; in case with needles you will have to use your imagination while choosing the pattern and follow up if the canvas does not warp the pattern you have chosen.

If you prefer knitting, you better choose a soft summer yarn of slight twist.

There is a huge range of fancy yarns that will provide your products with expressiveness and uniqueness, make the clothes elegant without any special effort. If you use the yarn of different structures and colors and combine patterns, you can replenish your wardrobe with unique, trendy, elegant clothes and look stylish, bright and irresistible even in the hottest summer days.

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